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Cahuita Spanish School

Visit Costa Rica and learn Spanish by the season the wild and beautiful Caribbean coast. Cahuita is the perfect place to learn Spanish! The school is located just a 3 minute walk from the sea in the heart of one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places in Costa Rica. Relax and enjoy yourself in Cahuita National Park, a 10 minute walk from the school. Leave your stress behind and enjoy the fresh water and breeze of Cahuita's beautiful seashore.

Our program includes four different options:

A. Regular Spanish

Travel to Cahuita on your own and learn Spanish in our Regular Spanish Program which consists of four lessons per day. Groups are limited to 5 students per class and different levels are available. Our services include assistance with your accommodation and travel arrangements to Cahuita, and a welcome orientation. If needed, a transfer from the airport to Cahuita can be arranged. [Close]

B. Spanish & Travel

Take part in a program that consists of learning Spanish while travelling in beautiful Costa Rica. Choose from a two-, three- or four-week travel learning session. You will see Costa Rica's most beautiful destinations while you learn the language. We provide transportation, accommodation, and Spanish lessons. Accommodation includes hotels, cabins and eco-lodges. [Close]

C. Enjoy Spanish

Enjoy Spanish is specialized program witha flexible and alternative methodology. This program is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which focuses on a comfortable learning atmosphere, motivation, relaxation, music, songs, images andgames. This program is ideal for those interested in a non-traditional classroom experience. The learning processis very special, natural, sensitive and personalized. [Close]

D. Ecological Spanish

This is a program for students who are interested in nature, conservation, ecology, environmental studies and culture. It is ideal for exchange program students, as well ascooperation and volunteer programs. This program focuses on interaction with native speakers, cultural immersion and the environment. [Close]

Come to Cahuita Spanish School and you will enjoy the experience of learning Spanish in a personalized and unique way.

Director of Cahuita Spanish School


My name is Danilo Montes Guevara. I am from Costa Rica and the Director of Cahuita Spanish School. For 20 years I have been teaching Spanish as a second language in Costa Rica as well as in other countries.

I have studied Political Science, Communications and Economics and I am glad of welcome you to visit my school which is a quit opened school, with flexible learning methods and an ecological vision of a language school.

Let's work together to have a wonderful experience of learning a new language and culture while supporting and preserving a beautiful and respected natural environment. [Close]